Grow a nature-based school

We help early childhood educators add and refine nature-based approaches within their curriculum

We can help with

  • Adding nature-based practices to your existing curriculum

  • Teacher training & development

  • Learning spaces Inside, Outside &/or Beyond

  • Nature & early childhood regulations (e.g., licensing, QRIS)

…and so much more!

Our work includes all models of infant, toddler, preschool, & early elementary-aged programs.

Services we offer to help grow your nature-based school

Preschool Beyond Walls: Blending Early Childhood Education and Nature-based Learning

By Rachel A. Larimore

Preschool Beyond Walls, written by Samara’s founder and Chief Visionary, Rachel Larimore, illustrates practical and strategic ways educators can create rich, explorative, and interdisciplinary learning through extensive outdoor experiences. Learn how to develop and implement a nature-based curriculum to support children’s optimal learning, from start to finish. Whether you’re creating a new curriculum or transitioning from a conventional approach Preschool Beyond Walls will be a useful resource. (It’s even useful for those at the infant, toddler, and elementary levels!)


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Evaluating Natureness: Measuring the Quality of Nature-based Classrooms in Pre-K through 3rd Grade

By Patti Ensel Bailie, Rachel A. Larimore*, & Arianna E. Pikus

This new book introduces the NAture-Based Education Rating Scales (NABERS) for Pre-K and K–3—a tool of measuring the quality of nature-based program. The book also includes tips and tricks for moving the needle towards quality. The tool addresses:

→ Program goals and curriculum practices

→ Staffing

→ Environment

→ Community partnerships

→ Family engagement

Whether you want to evaluate an existing nature-based program or discover how to shift your program toward a nature focus, this book is for you!

*Rachel is Samara’s Founder & Chief Visionary

Free resources for growing a nature-based school

Reflecting on Practice Downloadable Workbooks


These workbooks are designed to help individuals or teams think deeply about a nature-based education topic. Each downloadable workbook includes prompts to help guide your reflections and/or your conversations with colleagues.

We have a wide range of topics for these workbooks so if you’re looking to grow your nature-based practice, check them out today!

Oh, and did we mention each includes a certificate of participation?!