Small-group or 1-on-1 support and accountability for nature-based early childhood leaders

We support leaders who want to…

→ Confidently lead a team of teachers, work with families, and meet the many demands of regulators

→ Process & problem-solve complex situations with behind the scenes support

→ Meet goals with success & greater ease with the support of a trusted ally

→ Develop their own leadership style and skills 

→ Have reduced staff turnover

→ Achieve greater enrollment without sleepless nights and feelings of isolation

…all to create a thriving nature-based school!

Different formats to meet your needs

  • M.A.P.L.E

    Mentoring for Administrators to Propel Leadership in Education

    Coaching, connection, & accountability for nature-based education leaders to grow their nature-based team & school More here

  • 1:1 Coaching

    Individual coaching for nature-based education leaders

    Individual coaching & accountability for nature-based education leaders to grow a thriving nature-based team & school

  • S.O.W.

    Start Out With Confidence Coaching for Launching a Nature-based School

    Small group coaching, connection & accountability for educators who want to open their own nature-based school or program